Tuesday, November 12, 2019

About Kanpur – Everything You Should Know!



Kanpur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Uttar Pradesh India. This is one of the large Industrial area, well known for river Ganga. Keep reading this article Because you’ll come to know about various facts about the city in this article.

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From the various source, it’s estimated that the population is somewhere between 27 Lakh – 28 Lakh. According to the most relevant source Wikipedia, It’s 2,767,348.

One of the best parts of Kanpur is that you will see all the flavor of religions inside one city. It’s the pride of Kanpur. If you want to see Sikhism as religion then you should visit Gumti area inside the city. If you want to taste biryani by Miya then the area of Chaman Ganj will be best for you. Similarly, many other places are famous.


The city is well known for it’s eating habits. Here you’ll find almost all types of Indian as well as foreign dishes. However, Mughlai food is very famous as well as chat corners are simply awesome. Basically, you’ll find multiple food items around Swaroop Nagar, Govind Nagar, Mall Road etc. These places are quite famous for food and tasty items. Since Kanpur is also famous for Education, therefore, students used to visit these places and eats these tasty kinds of stuff.


Kanpur’s Ganga mela a 5-day festival is very popular inside the city and other surrounding cities. It’s basically a five-day festival where people throw color at each other and spread the love. The main attraction is inside the main city areas like birhana road, general ganj etc. Probably Kanpur is the only city where Holi is celebrated for around 5 days.

A body formed to promote the cultural heritage of the city, Kanpur Film and Theatre Society has played a key role in promoting cultural ethics of the region.

The revival of Nautanki, a dying art form which owes its origin to Kanpur too has been revived by the Kanpur Film and Theatre Society. The society has played a key role in popularizing cultural events as Ramlila which are dying a slow death. The society has revived this art form in the region and provides opportunities to local artists who have been associated with the same.

The Awadhi culture of the region is unique and people from various religious faiths, be they Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians live in close harmony of the city.

The city might have transformed from the sleepy village of Kanhiyapur to the industrial city of Kanpur but it has been able to maintain its cultural distinction and organizations as Kanpur Film and Theatre Society have been playing their part actively in promoting the culture of the city.


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