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Bithoor is the best choice if you are located nearby Kanpur city. Bithoor is the B’ful location situated around 24-28 km away from Kanpur. If you want to spend your weekend with the mood of worship along with the perk of Entertainment, then Bithoor would have no other option.

Bithoor have so many places to visit. One of them is Bhramavart Ghat which is quite famous due to the holy river Ganga.  However, Brahamavart ghat is crowded enough due to its popularity.

Where To Visit:


bithoor, bithoor kanpur, bithoor watterpark,

Nanarao Park is one of the best places to chill out with your friends inside Bithoor. This is built after Indian Independence. This is made to honor NANA SAHEB. This great thing is full of fun and enjoyment. You won’t be able to purchase anything inside it due to unavailability of vendors.


bithoor, bithoor kanpur, bithoor watterpark,

Brahmavart Ghat is one of the holiest Ghat of Uttar Pradesh. This is very famous due to its location. On this ghat, you’ll find an option of boat riding. You can ride a boat along with your family. Apart from that, you can enjoy aarti at Ghat. outside ghat or at the entry point, you’ll find various shops related to toys and other stuff.

It’s my personal opinion, make a plan such that you can visit the whole Bithoor in spite of just visiting bhramavart ghat. It’ll take your whole day but that will definitely give you some good experience.


bithoor, bithoor kanpur, bithoor watterpark,

DHRUV TEELA is also a great place to visit inside Bithoor. It is believed that the child Dhruv meditated while standing on one leg at this place only.

These places can be differentiated due to the memories and past. Otherwise, there is nothing different when you’ll compare this with your nearby temple.



bithoor, bithoor kanpur, bithoor watterpark,

Valmiki ashram is the place where it is believed that Valmiki wrote the great RAMAYANA. To visit this great place you need to climb some stairs. However, it’ll make your mind fresh when you’ll feel the nature there with chirping sound of birds. It would be great if you want to experience peace.


bithoor, bithoor kanpur, bithoor watterpark,

Sai Darbar is the best temple inside Bithoor (my opinion). It’s very hygienic as well as you can spend some quality time with your family in the park there. There is khichdi distribution inside the park all time as Prashad. The temple is very clean as compared to many temples.


Bithoor is one of the best places to spend the weekend time with your friend and family! But making the trip such that you can enjoy most of the places in lesser time is the main part.  However, now it’s not a big deal to do the same. I’ll guide you thoroughly to do the same.

First, go to Bhramavart ghat and spend some time there. After that, visit some different Mandir and finally go to Sai Dham. Have some snacks there. (Don’t litter the garbage in the garden) . In sai Dham, you can spend quality time with your family. One more thing, Enjoy boating at bhramavart ghat. It’s just awesome.  I want you guys to post some good comments! Thanks for your time 🙂


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